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We’re only a small operation but we’re big on experience. By choosing only to operate in the areas we know and love the best rather than offer a global menu of destinations we can provide our customers with a more personal and tailored experience, a journey that is more than a little bit special. We have many years experience in Asia and our tours reflect that by taking the route less travelled and introducing our cyclists to aspects of a country often missed by the larger operators. Being small also means we’re adaptable. Constantly listening to feedback from our clients and also able to add a ‘twist’ to our tours if so requested. Click the links below to find out more…

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Reasons we hope you’ll like us..!

The Painted Roads business grew out of a passion for Asia, a passion for cycling and the desire to share that with our friends, and indeed experience has taught us that a great many of the people that ride with us become our friends. By being small and extremely well acquainted with the areas and peoples through which we travel we can provide our small groups with an intimate experience of the chosen destination that our competitors struggle to match.

Although we have a wealth of experience in guiding cycling adventures (see ‘People’ below) the Painted Roads business itself is very young. That means we’re very flexible with regard to the itineraries we offer and our trips have been researched and explored in detail with the specific aim of providing something special. We have the in-country knowledge and local contacts to be able to accommodate requests for a more tailored experience.

We do have a mission statement.. it’s very simple and it is this… to introduce cyclists to the delights of cycling the backroads of Asia, exploring the areas less travelled in an ethically aware manner with respect to the locals, local businesses and the environment. Key to our philosophy is providing our customers with the highest levels of satisfaction and enjoyment, and ensuring they end a tour with a collection of wonderful memories.

People & history

Who we are…

As mentioned above we’re small.. it would perhaps be something of a cliché, and oddly self serving, however to say we’re perfectly formed also, although of course we think we’re pretty good, and you can read a little of what other folk think of us in ‘testimonials’ below. In the meantime however we are…

As founder and lead guide David essentially is Painted Roads. Basing himself in Asia for much of the year David worked as a guide for a market leading adventure cycling outfit for a number of years and become one their most popular guides with a fantastic reputation as a tour leader. As you’d expect he’s a passionate and well-travelled cyclist with a whole rack of expeditions to his name. He’s also fine easy-going company for enjoying a cold beer on a warm beach following a day of cycling.
Our man in Vietnam; With his charming personality, great sense of humour and wealth of local knowledge Phong is always quick to win the hearts of all who travel with him. Phong’s pride and passion for Vietnam are subtle, honest, balanced and without prejudice, something noticed and respected by all who meet him. With an unquenchable thirst for adventure cycling it has become customary for Phong and David to spend several weeks each summer enjoying a bicycle journey exploring new routes in little travelled regions of Vietnam, primarily to indulge their shared passion for bicycle adventures and natural beauty, but also mindful that the journey can later be shared through a new and exciting Painted Roads tour.
Not only is Natt our Thai in country agent he will also be your guide if you join us in Thailand tours. A keen cyclist with a caring, compassion and understand personality Natt is extremely popular with everyone he meets. When not running tours Natt can often be found out on the road with David exploring new cycling routes.
Echo takes care of the organisation of our China tour as well as assistingany other aspects of the running of PaintedRoads. Although a newcomer to long distance cycling Echo is keen to tackle the challenges of increasingly tougher tours. Always there with a cheery smile and ready to help in any way she can Echo is a delight to have on tour and brightens up even the toughest climb.
P Gor
Having been on more PaintedRoads tours than anyone other than David, P Gor is far more than simply a van driver. Whilst we are enjoying our ride through Thailand it is P Gor who quietly takes care of the logistics of the day to day running of our Thailand tours.
Although a keen traveler ever since he was a tadpole Frodo’s physical stature does not lend itself to cycling. Having met us in Southern Vietnam Frodo has now joined us on many tours and is often to be found riding in the van. Always a fun to be with he very much enjoys photography, especially when he is in front of the lens.
Another committed and well travelled cyclist, and co-founder of the Painted Roads idea. As mikesimagination Mike was responsible for developing the brand, the website, the brochures and handling the social media side of Painted Roads in the UK. While not directly involved in the day to day running of Painted Roads Mike continues to act as a ‘friend’ of Painted Roads with a view to helping David grow the business. In the future if you’re on a Painted Roads tour you may very find yourself riding with Mike.

Painted Roads as a business only has a history insofar as 2012 constitutes a ‘past’, but Painted Roads as an idea has existed far longer than that. Being thoroughly in love with Asia, with life on bicycle and with introducing cyclists to such a special part of the world it was perhaps inevitable that David would develop his own thoughts about how to run tours, making the effort to offer something different to the offerings of his then employer and other agencies. The idea began to take form during 2010 and then eventually, as existing commitments were met, the business was able to come into being in mid-2012, so you can see it’s early days yet but as we feel our way it is also a terrific opportunity to tailor ourselves to meet the desires of our clients perfectly.


Some of the things people have said about us…

When we first built this site we had a few testimonials tucked away in this section but people have since told us that we’re so good that we need to stop being so modest(!) and shout a little bit more about how fantastic our trips are.. so we built a whole new page just for testimonails.. you’ll find the link in the menu bar at the top of the page. We ought to now delete this subsection but the page didn’t looks so nice (yep, we’re funny like that… lets call it attention to detail… 😉 with just four subsections so for the time being we’ll leave it until we think of something else to go in here….

Ethical travel

How we operate in-country

Aside from being a wonderfully engaging and intimate way to explore a destination, travelling by bicycle is also a brilliant way to support the smaller, local communities and businesses away from large tourist resorts and foreign-owned enterprises. We always use local agents and stay at locally owned accommodation, we eat locally grown and cooked food, supporting local restaurants on our route which of course ensures that our guests enjoy the most authentic eating experiences of the regions we travel through. The bicycle traveller is also very accessible to the local people, especially relevant in the less-touristed regions we cycle, thus encouraging cultural exchange and a much more rewarding holiday experience for both you and the local people.

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