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  • LabRat Run '19 - Mongolia Altai

    Mongolia's Alti Mountains

    Dates: July 2019

    LabRat Runs have quickly become a PaintedRoads tradition. A group of easygoing and adventurous regulars, The LabRats annually sate their appetite for adventure by joining the inaugural running of a PaintedRoads adventure tour. 

    2017’s LabRat Run, through Mongolia’s Alti Mountains, was such a success that in 2018 it was our most sought after tours. And for 2019 the ‘Rats wanted more - Mongolia higher, more remote, more removed from the 21st century, 

    And so the LabRats will once more team up with our trusted and much respected local crew and head for the very edge of Mongolia, to cycle the tracks, trails, and gravel roads of the country's highest and wildest region. It is to be an adventure on the edge of the modern world, where nomads roam the mountains and plains on horseback, living in gers, and hunting with eagles amongst the crystal clear lakes, snow-capped peaks, glaciers, and emerald meadows that form the border with China’s Xinjiang Province and Russia’s Siberia Province. It will be epic!

    Please Note: The images in the gallery below are from our regular Mongolia tour in the Kanghai Mountains. 

    Total Days: 15 | Cycling Days: 10 | Difficulty: 8/10 | Daily Average: 55km | See more information, dates & prices »