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Neighbouring countries so often contrast so much that simply crossing the border and turning the pedals for half an hour makes the whole journey worthwhile. Whilst on a multi-country cycling holiday you will discover that whilst the people of all Asian nations share the same qualities of friendliness, history, religion, politics, and nature shape and form a land and it's people in vastly different ways.

Our Tours in category "Multi Country"

  • Tibet

    Lhasa to Kathmandu - Across the Himalayas

    Dates: May 2020

    Perhaps the ultimate challenge for the adventurous cyclist, this epic high altitude expedition takes us from the fabled Tibetan city of Lhasa, across the roof of the world to the exotic Kathmandu.

    Cycling between 4000 and 5200 metres the rarified air is an omnipresent reminder that we are riding through the Himalayas, the highest mountain range on Earth. The terrain we ride through is dramatically barren and breathtakingly beautiful in equal measure. And the backdrop of the majestic white wall of the World’s mightiest peaks is as breathtaking as the altitude.

    With two weeks of wilderness camping, long climbs, thin air, harsh sun, and chilly nights beneath canvas, this is not a tour for everyone - but for the adventure seeking hardened cyclist eager to experience a different culture and prepared for the unexpected, this is an adventure of a lifetime.

    Total Days: 26 | Cycling Days: 17 | Difficulty: 10/10 | Daily Average: 73km | See more information, dates & prices »

  • Tri Nations. Vietnam-Laos-Thailand

    A Bicycle Exploration of Indochina

    Dates: November 2019 | December 2020

    Three neighbouring nations, three written scripts, two and a half languages, two political systems, one major religion.

    Not only is this tour a cycling odyssey through fascinating regions along a path less trodden, it is a journey of discovery through three lands that for all the world should be so alike, but in actuality are so very different. History, colonial powers, war, religion, extreme political struggles - all have left deep marks on these lands and their people. Even now these same forces are morphing and changing these countries as we cycle through, and it is passing through at a human pace, by bicycle, that allows us to meet the people, sample the food, smell the aromas, and hear the daily life exchanges that are what travels and exploration are all about.

    Total Days: 16 | Cycling Days: 11 | Difficulty: 7/10 | Daily Average: 94km | See more information, dates & prices »