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Why Painted Roads

How our cycling holidays are different

We honestly believe that we are a little bit special... so here's a few words about why.. both from us and those that have joined us for adventure!

PaintedRoads was created as a result of one man's passion and enthusiasm for travelling Asia on his bicycle. With the realisation that his adventure cycling experiences were simply too good to keep to himself, David began indulging his passions for bicycle adventure, photography, and writing by creating cycling tours in the part of the world he knows best. Having explored and documented several tours the time inevitably came to share his discoveries. Subsequently David, along with the girl who was to become his wife, retreated to a little cottage in the hills between Thailand and Burma where, with the valuable assistance of web developer and fellow adventure cyclist Mike, created Painted Roads.

With much experience gained from operating as a tour guide for other cycling holiday providers David knew that PaintedRoads would be different, better. That was five years ago, and since that time PaintedRoads has become known for its intimate, relaxed cycling holidays a world away from the offerings of large commercial operators. We're very different to those large bicycle tour operators you may have seen, rather than trying to offer a staggering portfolio of destinations with a reliance on contract staff we prefer to concentrate on the countries we really love, and of which we have an in-depth knowledge. That way we can ensure the best personal service and a truly special cycling adventure.

Read on to find out more, and check out some more of our customer testimonials, you can also read more about the individuals that form PaintedRoads on our 'About Us' page.


We too are missing our daily dose of pedaling, of Tom Yam and fried rice, of swimming on nice beaches, and of your good company. (and beers and gin tonics !) We truly enjoyed these few days – even Eva, which is certainly the utmost compliment we can make. As I told you, I have particularly appreciated your personal involvement to make everyone feel comfortable, and to share what you like with enthusiasm. It is so different from a traditional guide, who simply does his job. We will definitely call you for another cycling experience

Jean-Daniel, Anne, Vincent, Eva.


Our Philosophy

... or what makes us unique?  PaintedRoads was created to indulge a passion rather than to grow a business, and it’s the man with that passion who is responsible for every step of the way with your tour. When you join us for a cycling holiday we are sharing with you our love of the places we cycle, we want you to experience the joy that we do when cycling through Asia.


How It Works

Having dreamt up an idea for a tour David usually has an immediate and inextinguishable desire to see if his notion will bear fruit. He quickly gathers up his camera, iPad, and a few essentials, packs his bike, and sets out to have a look.

He visits the land in question and rides the route, either alone or with a friend. He photographs what he sees and journals his adventure. Sometimes a route is not quite right (Burma for example), and is either forgotten or put on the to one side, but sometimes he is overwhelmed with just how wonderful a destination is, which is when it is polished and perfected into a PaintedRoads tour.

Not only is it David who dreams up the idea for a tour, explores the route, photographs it, and documents it, it is also David who answers your emails and explains things about the tour to you when you are unsure. He will also be on the tour with you, and will be involved with you at every step of the way from your initial enquiry until the end of your tour. Being on the tour means the advice he gives has been very carefully considered and is as honest as can be, after all, no one wants to spend two weeks with people who feel they have been led up the garden path.


Another wonderful trip with Painted Roads, this time the Tri-Nations tour of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Great cycling, excellent food, amazing scenery and great travel companions. David Walker and his in-country teams do an amazing job of keeping us focused on the cycling whilst ensuring we have plenty of excellent food at each break, good accommodation and smooth organisation at every stop. I have already signed up for my fourth trip - it's the only way to see Asia.

David Morrison


A Unique Experience

Well, if not quite unique, PaintedRoads is at least a rare and special thing. Many cycling holiday companies subcontract their tours out to local business to run, with the result no one really knows the route or the accommodation until they arrive, including sometimes the guide and tour leader (yes, this does happen). And the all too often the person answering your emails and advising you on your adventure pre-tour has never been anywhere near Asia, let alone ridden the route - not so with PaintedRoads.

Fresh & Interesting Routes

David, Phong, Natt, and the rest of the crew share a curiosity for routes, accommodation and restaurants. With David and his in country agents personally being on each and every tour means that this curiosity is often indulged in the form of new and interesting route options, dining opportunities and characterful new lodging. And this is why, rather than become old and stagnant, PaintedRoads tours mature with age. We can tell a lot of stories about our routes, but that is best done over a post ride beer, or whilst riding through a little bit of paradise.


Yet another fabulous cycling holiday, our fourth with Painted Roads to date, thank you David. Loved Taiwan to bits. For those who enjoy a challenge, it is a great cycling venue. The group gelled well together, which is always a big help.

Peter Barry - Norfolk, UK


Personal Service

Your tour will be lead by David, often his wife Echo, and his in country partners. In China for example David and Echo work alongside Cathy and Lee, husband and wife, keen cyclists, experienced guides, and all importantly they are all close friends.

In Thailand we work with Natt, not only a great guide but also a good friend and our in country agent.

In Vietnam it’s Phong and Ngoc, again a husband and wife team. Ngoc takes care of preparations with amazing attention to detail, whilst Phong and David will be with you, guiding you and taking care of your needs from your arrival in Vietnam until your departure.

You can find out more about the people we work with on our About Us page.

Groups that are 'Just Right'

If a group is too small it may lack the dynamic edge, humour, and interesting conversation that make group tours so much fun. However if a group is too large we don't so much enter a restaurant as swarm upon it. Likewise once a group goes beyond a certain size the logistics become exponentially more difficult to take care off. With this in mind PaintedRoads' groups are made up of between four and twelve group members plus David, ensuring a most convivial time. There are occasional circumstances in which we may stretch a group size a little. For example we may have eleven people already booked onto a tour when a couple who are good fun easy going PaintedRoads regulars ask to join, a situation where it may be deemed beneficial to swell the group to thirteen.


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