About Us

Who We Are

We're a small team of friends whose sole purpose is to share with you the joy that we feel about cycling in our favourite parts of Asia. You can read more about our philosophy and background on our "Why Choose Painted Roads" page. Here however, given our reputation for personal service, we wanted to tell you a little more about ourselves as individuals.


As founder, owner and tour leader David essentially is Painted Roads. Basing himself in Asia David worked for a market leading adventure cycling outfit for a number of years where he became one their most popular guides and earned a fantastic reputation as a tour leader. A passionate and well-travelled cyclist with a whole rack of two wheeled expeditions to his name he's also fine easy-going company for enjoying a cold beer at the end of a day's ride.


David's wife Echo has been a part of PaintedRoads ever since it’s conception in a cottage on the Thai/Burmese border. Her bubbly personality, passion for life and caring nature have made her a huge favourite with everyone she meets on tour.
Not only does Echo take care of the organisation of our tours in her native China, she also assists in the general running of PaintedRoads and takes part in many of the other tours. With her cheery smile she is always ready to help in any way she can, and when on her bike she brightens up even the toughest of climbs.


With his charming personality, great sense of humour and wealth of local knowledge Phong is always quick to win the hearts of all who travel with him. Phong’s pride and passion for Vietnam are subtle, honest, balanced and without prejudice, something noticed and respected by all who meet him.

With an unquenchable thirst for adventure cycling it has become customary for Phong and David to spend several weeks each summer enjoying a bicycle journey exploring new routes in little travelled regions of Vietnam. This they do to indulge their shared passion for bicycle travel and natural beauty, whilst remaining ever mindful that the journey can later be shared with like minded adventurers though new and exciting Painted Roads tour.


Having graduated from university with a degree in chemistry Natt soon decided that showing people his beloved native land was more to his liking than the laboratory.
A keen cyclist with a caring, compassion and understand personality Natt has been with PaintedRoads since it was but a twinkle in David's eye. He is not only our guide on tour but also our in country agent, and is extremely popular with everyone he meets. When not running tours Natt can often be found out on the road with David exploring new cycling routes.


Our agent and guide in China is the delightful Cathy. Her calm and quiet  demeanour make her a favourite not only with our guests but also with everyone she deals with en-route, thus ensuring our China tours always go as smoothly as possible.


Cathy’s husband Lee is our support driver and mechanic in China, and is, in the opinion of David and all who make comment, simply the finest bicycle mechanic in Asia. On top of this Li provides an unrivalled snack service on tour throughout the day and is an all round top chap to have in the crew.

P Gor

Have been on more Painted Roads Thailand tours than anyone other than David. P Gor is far more than simply a van driver. Whilst we are enjoying our ride it is P Gor who quietly takes care of the daily logistics of our Thailand tours.


Although a keen traveler ever since he was a tadpole, Frodo’s physical stature does not lend itself to cycling. Having met us in Southern Vietnam Frodo has now joined us on many tours and is often to be found riding in the support van. Always fun to be with he shows much enthusiasm for photography and replying to emails, although thus far he seems to have a lot to learn.