What people say...

A few of the things our clients have said about us and our tours. We're picking these at random so if you'd like to see more you can refresh this page.

Another feather in Painted Roads’ cap. Would strongly recommend PR to cyclists who want to tour, with David Walker, the best group leader we have experienced in 18 years of cycling tours

Anne - United Kingdom. on Taiwan - North to South

David, your tour was everything that I hoped it might be, it ticked all the boxes right from the evaluation of, to making right bike maintenance, managing 12 distinct personalities while keeping your own. Your support crew were fantastic, always ready to help and most of the time were one step ahead of ones needs. The Thailand that you gave us a glimpse of was the friendly smiling Thailand as opposed to the rather seedy commercial tourist spots. I would recommend this tour to anyone who would like a humorous, laid back good time.

Terry Mather on Thailand South

I enjoyed very much of the tour. We were 6 Israeli friends who jointed to 8 British people and used to ride during the days and drink beers in the evenings. The atmosphere was excellent. David, the tour organizer, along with Echo and his assistances have done their best to give a great feeling to each one of the participants, with lot of sympathy, concern and attention to every detail. I recommend this tour to every biker

Dan Shapira on China - Yunnan

For those who are looking for an experience that is a bit different, and in a truly wild and wonderful setting, the Mongolia tour is hard to beat. The scenery is stunning and changes day by day throughout the route. To come over the brow of a hill and see huge herds of yaks, wild horses, flocks of mountain sheep flowing across the landscape makes for some just indescribable moments. Although entirely off-road, the tour is not that difficult in terms of terrain and the distances each day are far from demanding – any reasonably fit and competent cyclist will enjoy the daily challenges. As ever, the leadership and support team were just great, making a great tour a truly special one.

Nigel Fielden - Manchester on Mongolia Khangai Mountains

This gravel trip opened my eyes to an entirely new dimension to bicycling. Not only was it a great time and challenging, I was able to quickly learn some additional techniques unique to gravel cycling that I can use on my own for years to come.

Mike Hugentobler - USA on Thailand Gravel Roads

The organisation skills of this much smaller than most cycling adventure companies are second to none. From the airport to the rides were simply amazing. Do not be afraid to get out there with Painted Roads. The cycling of the Mekong Delta Region was perfect from beginning to end. Thank you to all that made this holiday perfect.

Pat Holland. England. on Vietnam - Mekong Delta Region

Having David as tour leader and the actual person who cycled the whole itinerary beforehand, makes the biggest difference to other touring companies. Even more, he and his team were ALWAYS at the disposal, even for the pettiest demands, and each and everyone one was solved on time and completely.  The tour itself is maybe not for those who lately neglected their fitness (although the support vehicle is always at our disposal!) but cycling through - for foreigners - seldom seen Vietnam backwaters is most rewarding feeling.

Ivan Šikić on Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh Trail

The tour was everything the brochure said, possibly even better. The tour leader and his assistant were always available for any assistance, giving answers to any queries one might have. The support vehicles and drivers were also very helpful, nothing was a trouble. Would definitely recommend this tour.

Angela Rayner on Thailand South

I would not have brought my wife and sister along on a trip like this if I did not have the confidence and trust in David’s ability as a leader and a person who understands human nature and the psychological needs of the people in his care. I was not disappointed and he proved once again to be the competent leader I got to know on my Tibet/Nepal trip three years ago. I could highly recommend this team to anybody thinking of doing a cycle trip in any remote region of Asia

Ollie Hughes - NZ on Vietnam - Northeast. The 'Eighteen Special

very much enjoyed my first cycling holiday with Painted Roads, I’m sure there will be others. David was a fantastic tour leader and looked after everyone splendidly. The scenery was amazing and there was a good balance of relaxing time and cycling.

Caroline Reading on Thailand Bespoke. QQ22/1