What people say...

A few of the things our clients have said about us and our tours. We're picking these at random so if you'd like to see more you can refresh this page.

It truly is about the journey and not the destination on your tours with everyday providing spectacular scenery, cultural exposure, friendship and just plain good fun amongst a few, sometimes tired, cyclists. The accommodation and food were top shelf, as it was on my previous tour, and Echo and Cathy did a wonderful job of ensuring we had the opportunity to taste our way through this area of China. Yunnan provided some dramatic landscapes that I am pleased I was there to see and I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who thinks that maybe they could climb a hill or two. You may find yourself climbing a mountain or two, but that all comes with the service and support of David, Echo, Cathy and Lee.

Jan - Bribie Island, QLD on China - Yunnan

I very much enjoyed my first cycling holiday with Painted Roads, I’m sure there will be others. David was a fantastic tour leader and looked after everyone splendidly. The scenery was amazing and there was a good balance of relaxing time and cycling.

Caroline Reading on Thailand - South

A wonderful trip and a fantastic way to get a glimpse into the lives of the local peoples whilst enjoying great cycling amongst the most stunning scenery imaginable. Expertly run by David whose inexhaustible supply of good humour, energy and beer, in conjunction with his local team, meant even the toughest days were superb fun.

Phil Hurcom on Vietnam - Northeast

Overall I really enjoyed the Northern Thailand tour. David is a natural tour leader both for his personal skills and secondly is always thinking many steps ahead to make the journey seamless and enjoyable for all the participants. His enthusiasm and passion for the love of doing this business radiates to everyone around him so it would be very hard not to enjoy yourself on such a trip.

Wally, Canada on Thailand - North

Having just completed the Yunnan, China Tour as my second cycling adventure with Painted Roads I can say that the experience was both challenging and rewarding. I was not an experienced cyclist when I embarked on this adventure but with encouragement and support from your team I believe I have stepped up a notch in my ability, and more importantly in my self-belief of what I can achieve.  Giving up 2km from the top of a 22km climb may have been an option, but as I was reminded, I had done the hard yards and there were “only 2km to the top,” so up I went.  

Jan - Bribie Island, QLD on China - Yunnan

The overwhelming hospitality of the Mongolians was matched by David, Echo and the local team and considering the remote locations of our camps the food was incredible. This being my second trip with Painted Roads my expectations were high and both Mongolia and the guys more than exceeded them.

Keith - UK on Mongolia

`I came to Vietnam for a bike tour with no expectations and without reading the brochure on where were going. I just wanted to experience Vietnam. Funny thing really... I had the best time ever. The tour was so well organised I couldn't tell I was on tour -  everything just happened like clockwork. The guide (Phong), the mechanic (Lee), the driver (Mr Sa) and the leader (David) were also having fun and the bunch of us just reached out and connected with a very happy race of people, living life simply. Cycling is fast enough to cover some country but slow enough to feel the emotions of people we pass - and be touched by them. If you want a meaningful life experience, consider cycling with David and Painted Roads.....but don't wait too long.  I'm booking China, Thailand South and North West Vietnam and bringing a buddy or two.

Paul Glennon on Vietnam - Mekong Delta Region

I found the Central Vietnam Tour to be hugely enjoyable. It was a delightful journey following the Ho Chi Minh Trail as it winds its way through some incredibly varied scenery. For the most part the cycling is on very quiet back-roads which undulate gently with the occasional short climb – overall an altogether easier challenge than the more mountainous North Vietnam routes. Even the longer 100k plus stages were managed with relative ease, by all of the group, with everyone finishing with a smile on their faces. As ever the organisation, support and encouragement were first-rate, and I thoroughly recommend this tour for anyone wishing to see a different aspect of Vietnam and its warm and friendly people. Thanks for a memorable experience (again!)

Nigel, UK on Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh Trail

The NE Vietnam tour was everything I imagined it would be, and more. You can forgive having to cycle up a few steep hills every now and then as you are subsequently exposed to some of the most stunning and breathtaking panoramic scenery in one of the more remote and undocumented parts of the world, being continuously welcomed by friendly locals along the way and eating delicious Vietnamese cuisine everyday. David’s experience as a tour leader made the trip very enjoyable, not to mention Phong’s timeless sense of humour. All in all, an unforgettable trip which I would thoroughly recommend.

Priyen Shah on Vietnam - Northeast

The inaugural Painted Roads tour of the Mekong Delta provided an enthralling insight into the people, agriculture and commerce of this fascinating region of South Vietnam. The route had clearly been well researched, and it made the most of the intricate network of tracks, trails and byways which threaded their way alongside the canals and backwaters of the Delta. The stars of the tour were undoubtedly the local people (who made us feel very welcome indeed), my fellow travellers (I couldn’t have wished to ride with a nicer bunch of folks) . . . . and the Mekong River itself – a vibrant, diverse, intriguing, colourful, beating heart to the region.

Tony Tapp on Vietnam - Mekong Delta Region