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LabRat Runs

Not So Much A Holiday As An Experiment

PaintedRoad’s LabRats are our pioneers. The LabRats are easy-going laidback regular guests with a sense of humour equaling their sense of adventure.
LabRat Runs are fist time tours, that for one reason or another have not been polished to the point where they are suitable for a regular scheduled tour - hence the 'Rats joining David for the ultimate inspection trip. 

Our Tours in category "LabRat Runs"

  • LabRat Run '20 - Bhutan

    The Bhutan Rats

    Dates: October 2020 | October 2020

    For 2020, by invitation only.

    LabRat Runs have quickly become a PaintedRoads tradition. A group of easygoing and adventurous regulars, The LabRats annually sate their appetite for adventure by joining the inaugural running of a PaintedRoads adventure tour. for 2020 we head for the Himalayas, and the little-visited Buddhist Shangri-La, Bhutan.

    Bhutan is a special and unique Himalayan Kingdom where success is measured in Gross National Happiness, not Gross National Product. In order to keep tourism at a controlled level, a minimum fee per day is levied on all tourists. Not only does this famously make Bhutan one of the most costly nations in the region to visit, but it is also, quite genuinely, probably the happiest, most peaceful, and safest.

    PaintedRoads cycling adventure through Bhutan offers a very special view of an already exclusive country. As we cycle through the Himalayas, enjoying some of Asia's most spectacular views and exhilarating cycling terrain we pass beautiful monasteries, wonderful wildlife - hunting is illegal, and meet fascinating people. 

    Bhutan really is the ride of a lifetime.

    Total Days: 11 | Cycling Days: 7 | Difficulty: 8/10 | Daily Average: 97km | See more information, dates & prices »

  • Lab Rat Run Laos

    An Exploration of Northern Lao

    Dates: December 2020

    Despite pockets of the country seeing much economic development over the last two decades, Laos remains a country somewhat lost in time. It is a mountainous and tranquil land, where for much of the time the only sound heard by travellers is that of bird song. 
    This cycling tour is an adventurous loop through the north of the nation, passing through ancient jungle where tigers roam, agricultural land that is home to minority groups, past mysterious prehistoric archaeological sites, and the craters and bombshells of a more modern era that bring home the stark horrors of war. 
    The byways on which we ride are quiet, winding, hilly, and tranquil, and the towns at which we stay vary from the back of beyond to tourist comfort. 

    Total Days: 15 | Cycling Days: 10 | Difficulty: 8/10 | Daily Average: 95km | See more information, dates & prices »