A quick Christmas spin through the hills cycling holidays banner image

A quick Christmas spin through the hills

24 December 16

A habit I must return to is taking my camera along when I pop into the hills for a spin. And so it was with this in mind my Olympus, my Kinesis and I have spend a lovely pre-Xmas morning exploring more of the seemingly endless labyrinth of trails in Northern Thailand.

Now to relax and rehydrate.

Merry Yuletide all!!

Ten minutes from home is beautiful playground of dirt trails riding through rubber plantations and skirting lovely little lakes

A seemingly endless ribbon of dirt roads winds through the hills and valleys and past villages of hill tribe people

Gravel roads abound in a most agreeable hue of red

The hills can be of cheeky gradients, 25% was the max this morning, a climb that causes brought about unsightly wheezing and dribbling - note to self, try to remain more composed

Endless hills and valleys to play in

And some cultivation in the form of an aromatic tea plantation