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Our Cycling Holidays In SE Asia, China, & Mongolia

All of our tours in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, & Mongolia

Below is the full list of all of our cycling holidays throughout South East Asia, China, and Mongolia. At the time of writing our bicycle touring destinations include Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China (including Yunnan, Guizhou and Guanxi), Mongolia, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. You can filter tours by country if you know where you want to go, otherwise, we've included summary information to help you choose a tour. We specialize in exploring the lesser known, less touristed parts of Asia and finding routes based around quiet, traffic-free backroads and trails, to give you the most memorable holiday experiences. All of the cycling tours below have been personally researched by us, will be guided by us and include the high standards of personal service that we have become known for.


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  • Tibet

    Lhasa to Kathmandu - Across the Himalayas

    Dates: No dates available at this time.

    Perhaps the ultimate challenge for the adventurous cyclist, this epic high altitude expedition takes us from the fabled Tibetan city of Lhasa, across the roof of the world to the exotic Kathmandu.

    Cycling between 4000 and 5200 metres the rarified air is an omnipresent reminder that we are riding through the Himalayas, the highest mountain range on Earth. The terrain we ride through is dramatically barren and breathtakingly beautiful in equal measure. And the backdrop of the majestic white wall of the World’s mightiest peaks is as breathtaking as the altitude.

    With two weeks of wilderness camping, long climbs, thin air, harsh sun, and chilly nights beneath canvas, this is not a tour for everyone - but for the adventure seeking hardened cyclist eager to experience a different culture and prepared for the unexpected, this is an adventure of a lifetime.

    Total Days: 26 | Cycling Days: 17 | Difficulty: 10/10 | Daily Average: 73km | See more information, dates & prices »